Step Up to a New Level of Yoga Workout Comfort with Sorbo-Ease

Yoga mats are useful for all kinds of workouts, from push-ups to Pilates. I keep mine handy to roll out after a run for stretching. They are even nice for meditation. But no matter what activity you're pursuing, there are a few key things for any mat shopper to consider.

1. The amount of cushioning (thickness and softness)
2. How sweatproof the mat is (basically how fast it dries out)
3. How well it grips the floor (no one likes a slip and slide mat)
4. How easy it is for your hands and feet to grip its top surface
5 How easy it is to transport (especially if you take it with you to the gym or park)

For seniors and those who suffer from joint pain during workouts a thicker cushy mat seems like the best choice. However, some of today's 1 inch thick mats can be hard to transport, roll up, and may not offer the stability that you need to safely stretch and workout. These are key reasons that we developed Sorbo-Ease Yoga & Workout Comfort Pads. These 6" wide circular pads add our healthy Sorbothane cushioning right where you need them during your workout. Their contoured top cup shape keeps your hands, knees, elbows, and feet centered comfortably in the pad in all positions. 

For decades athletes have trusted Sorbothane Insoles to provide the best cushioning during all types of activities. Unlikely gimmicky gels and foams, Sorbothane rubber is designed to provide the same cushioning that your body naturally does plus it holds up longer. 

Our Sorbo-Ease workout pads are easy to transport. Each set comes with a convenient mesh bag with handle. Skip the bulky yoga mat and keep your current one or make a portable pick with a light and easy to pack 3mm or 6mm mat. Then bring your Sorbo-Ease pads along to provide exceptional comfort right where you need it without the annoying weight. 

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