RX Sorbo Insoles Are Becoming Sorbothane Insoles

You've trusted RX Sorbo Insoles for decades. Pediatrists have perscribed these ultra-supportive cushioning insoles for patients around the world. Our innovative Sorbothane polymers make these the must-have for professional athletes, soliders, construction workers, hikers, runners, and people who spend all day on their feet. All the features and benefits that you love are now available under a familiar name. RX Sorbo Insoles are rebranding as Sorbothane Insoles. This move is designed to help more people learn about our world leading insoles and enjoy their benefits.

Over the coming months, RX Sorbo Insoles will become rebranded solely as Sorbothane Insoles. Right now, you can enjoy great discounts on RX Sorbo branded insoles as we make this transition. 

The full product catalog is still avilable, just under new names. Here is how the transition looks:

Classic Shoe Insole is becoming Sorbothane Classic Insole
Ultra Work and Sport Insole is becoming Sorbothane Ultra Sole
Ultra Orthotic Medium Arch Insole is becoming Sorbothane Ultra Graphite Arch
SorboAir Insole is becoming Sorbothane SORBOAIR
Sorbo 3/4 Orthotic Arch Insole is becoming Sorbothane 3/4 Ultra Plus
Ultra Plus Insole is becoming Sorbothane Ultra Plus Stability Insole
Classic Heel Pad is becoming Sorbothane Heel Pad
Ball-of-Foot Pad is becoming Sorbothane Ultra-Comfy

Sorbothane Insole runner on a beach at sunset