Success Stories

Real stories from real people who got relief with Sorbothane® Insoles. Loving your insoles? Contact us to submit your own success story.

Sorbothane Heel Pads Help a Preschool Teacher Alleviate Pain

Sorbothane Heel Pads

Kick the Pain & Fatigue with Sorbothane Heel Pads

“As a preschool teacher I never stop moving all day. I found myself feeling extra pain in my heel by midday. And, when my kids laid down for naptime after lunch, I felt particularly fatigued. I think the pain in my feet was wearing me down. So, I bought a new pair of shoes, which helped for a week or so. But the pain came back. So, after a quick Internet search I added a pair of Sorbothane Comfort Insoles in my shoes. Wow, I could feel the difference right away. More comfort and less pain.

Well it has been about three months now and my feet feel great.
Truly, a product that delivered.”

– Beth

Sorbothane Ultra Sole Provides Protection and Relief for a Marathon Relay Runner

Sorbothane Ultra Sole

Would not have been able to train and finish the race without Sorbothane Insoles

“I run three to five miles a day – five days a week. But I was not ready for what I got myself into.

My workout buddies decided it would be fun to enter, as a relay team, The Burning River Endurance Run & Relay. So, with a four-person team each person would need to run 25 miles.
I had never run that far in one outing. So, I started increasing my daily run distances…and soon started experiencing pain in my ankles and knees. I asked my running friends for help! And along with proper stretching, and a better workout schedule, one of them suggested Sorbothane Replacement Insoles to reduce impact and provide relief.

So, I checked the website and found a local retailer. Bought the Sorbothane Ultra Sole and replaced the old insert in my training shoes. Within a few days my knees and ankles started to feel better. And soon I was running in comfort.

Sorbothane got me through miles and miles of training and stayed in my shoes for the relay. It turned out to be great experience…thanks Sorbothane.”

– Thomas

Sorbothane Insoles Help Father Of Two Run Pain-Free

Sorbothane Ultra PLUS Insole

Weekend Warrior Discovers Running is Fun Again.

“I have always considered myself a runner. But, as a father of 2 and with my job schedule, lately I seem to only have enough time for short runs a couple of days during the week…and then a 10 mile run on Saturday or Sunday morning. Most of my runs I am pushing one of the kids in a (Thule) jogging stroller.

I am 35 years old and certainly had begun feeling some pain in my knees and ankles, especially on my longer runs. So, I talked to the clerk at the running store, where I buy my shoes, and they suggested I try a supportive and cushioning insole.

After trying several insoles, the Sorbothane Ultra PLUS Insole stood out. They supported my feet and the pain when running has been sharply reduced. Running is fun again. The kids enjoy the ride too. Thank you.”

– Chris

SorboAir Replacement Insole Provides Relief for a Nurse Working 12-Hour Shifts

SorboAir Replacement Insoles

Immediate Relief that Lasts the Entire Day

“Sorbothane insoles are fantastic! 12-hour shifts as a nurse make for a very long day, or a very long night. The first thing that starts to hurt is my feet, then my knees begin to ache and finally the pain moves to my back.

I have tried all the different “health care” style of shoes. Nothing seems to work to diminish or remove my discomfort. Finally a PT (Physical Therapist) at the hospital suggested I try a good pair of supportive athletic shoes along with a SorboAir Replacement Insoles. I purchased a pair of quality athletic shoes (Brooks) and replaced the original insert with a full-length Sorbothane comfort insole.

The relief was almost immediate. I was able to get through my 12-hour shift without pain and even have the energy to walk the dog when I get home. Thanks for such a great product.”

– Kate

Sorbothane SorboAir Insoles Help Hair Stylist Work Pain Free

Sorbothane Sorboair

After 30 Years Lisa Can Comfortable Move Around the Salon

“Just wanted to send over a quick note. I am approaching my 50th birthday and have been a Hair Stylist for almost 30 years. As a Hair Stylist, I spend the day on my feet, moving around the client and usually standing on some sort of padded floor mat. The mats are either too hard, too soft or don’t cover enough area. Constantly I am stepping on and off the mat!

By the middle of the day my feet and legs are fatigued, and by the end of the day my feet are killing me. That was the case…until a client (that runs for fitness) suggested I try Sorbothane insoles.

They said Sorbothane would absorb the impact and reduce the pain and discomfort. I found the Sorbothane SorboAir insole at a local store and placed them in my shoes before starting work on a Tuesday morning. Amazing! The pain and fatigue in my feet and legs was reduced immediately.

By the end of the week I had removed the floor mat and just used the Sorbothane insoles. Sorbothane in my shoes allows me to move freely around the shop and work all day without pain or discomfort…thanks Sorbothane!!”

– Lisa

Sorbothane Insoles Rise Above the Competition for Avid Hiker

Sorbothane Ultra PLUS

“First of all THESE ARE GREAT!

I took similar trails over the course of the last few weeks in 2 pair of boots. Here are the results. I’m not sure if you are familiar with hiking trails in the Smoky Mountains but most are pretty rough — lots of roots, lots of rocks — these are not just nice soft dirt trails.

I have been hiking in La Sportiva Nucleo High GTX Hiking Boots since April. — My boyfriend and I both have these — he is an expert hiker with 30 years experience. I love these boots for comfort and grippy-ness on the trail. However I have been having trouble with the ball of my right foot — which led me to research insoles — finding your company. I have tried 3 other insoles — 2 different SuperFeet Models and one that is called Sole. First was Superfeet Green, the Sole Performance and then Superfeet Trailblazer (Purple).

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Sorbothane Insoles Keep the Pain Away While Hiking and Walking

Sorbothane 3/4 Ultra PLUS

“I promised to let you know how “good” your insoles are.

Well, they passed the test with flying colors. As I explained to you before my trip, I have stress fractures in both of my heels and you recommended the Sorbothane (Ultra PLUS) insoles. I walked and hiked miles while out west on vacation and “did not have a single pain in my feet” while doing so. I used the half insoles (3/4 Length Ultra PLUS) because the others (Full Length Ultra PLUS) were still a tad too big for my shoes.I plan on trimming them so they fit because I know I’ll love them just as much. Thanks for your recommendations and interest in my feet.

I know which insoles I’ll purchase in the future – Sorbothane!!!”

– Danette

Sorbothane Insoles Conquer Mount Kilimanjaro

Sorbothane Ultra Sole

After several years of dreaming and a full year of planning Dr. Barry Newton Ph D was on his way to Africa to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Problem was – the airlines lost his luggage.

“I was forced to climb Kilimanjaro using borrowed equipment and gear from my outfitter. Most of my equipment was discarded by previous climbers. In particular, the outfitter had only one pair of boots that came anywhere close to fitting my foot. The boots were tattered and very worn. I didn’t see how I was going to climb Kilimanjaro in a pair of worn out boots. Fortunately I had a pair of Sorbothane inserts in my street shoes. With the inserts the boots actually became comfortable to walk in. We climbed Kilimanjaro by one of the most difficult routes…”

“I would never have made it to the top if I hadn’t had the Sorbothane inserts.”

– Dr. Barry N. Newton, Ph.D.

Sorbothane Helped Ease the Pain for a Young Soccer Player

Sorbothane Heel Pads

“I have 5 children in which 3 of them were recently adopted from Ghana, Africa. My oldest child is 13 and has never had a good pair of shoes in his life. When he came to our home, he had several injuries that seemed to be lingering that caused him pain. He is very good at soccer and was recently asked to be on a team in a local soccer club called St. Louis Scott Gallagher. Well, he was so good he was recently asked to try out for the U.S. National Youth Soccer Team! This particular team went to Argentina last year to compete. My wife and I are humbled to say the least. Our problem however is we buy his soccer shoes from a resale store because they are less expensive. He complained after every practice and every game his heel would hurt him. He would limp around for about 2 days afterwards. When I looked to buy a heel pad, it was hard to find one thin enough to work in his soccer shoes. I found less expensive ones but they did not have as good as a review as yours so I bought him a pair of Sorbothane heel pads. After his first practice he was soooo happy they worked!!! Your heel pads work great! I am so happy we bought them. I am sure you may get complaints every now and then so I just wanted you all to know how thankful and grateful we are that you made such a good product that works.”

My son is very happy. Hopefully he will make the National Soccer Team but either way, he’s healthy and pain free thanks to you guys. I know this sounds cheesy but I’m seriously grateful! God Bless you and your team!

– Grateful Parent

Sorbothane Insoles Prolong Softball Career

Sorbothane Classic Full Sole

“Just want you to know what a wonderful product you have with the Classic Insole. I’ve used these insoles since their inception. I remember seeing the commercial on TV with the man dropping a weighted ball on Sorbothane material & there was no bounce once the ball landed on the Sorbothane. I play softball & I think the first pair of insoles I purchased was in the early 80’s. They reduce the jolt & vibration on the body from running on hard ground. I credit Sorbothane insoles with prolonging my career in softball to the present…as I now am playing senior softball in the + 60 year-old division. I’ve now been a member of many National / World Championship Teams. I have recommended the insoles to other players to extend their playing days. Again, thanks for a great product & making it available to the public.”

– Terry